About us

Our Mission

Zumah was founded in 2015 with one core mission: to help small business owners improve their business success through better ability to manage their business’s finances.


Our Philosophy

At Zumah, we believe that managing your business’s finances should make you smile. Zumah is a full-service bookkeeping and financial services firm that not only provides ongoing bookkeeping and accounting services but also provides you with ways to visualize your business’s financial situation more intuitively- no page-after-page of spreadsheets when what you want is a snapshot of your financial status or a look at the business’s financial trends.

To accomplish this, we offer highly secure and private storage of your financial data, frequent bookkeeping updates, easy-to-understand financial information formats, and financial management solutions tailored to your business.

Our Story

Zumah Comprehensive Financial Services was established by Juan Carlos Velasco, who owned a successful small business for 10 years, then earned an MBA in finance. Working with corporate clients to provide business and financial analytics support in recent years, he has developed expertise in the presentation of financial information to complement his expertise in bookkeeping and other accounting services. With this background, Mr. Velasco envisioned a way to bring a family of financial services to small businesses. He now leads Zumah, with his vision translated into real, practical products and services for your business.

Why choose Zumah Comprehensive Financial Services?

Benefits of Zumah’s highly secure, private, off-site storage of your financial data

Are you experiencing any of the following financial management frustrations?

  • Difficulty accessing your own financial and customer details at times?
  • Out-of-date financial software?
  • Out-of-date financial data (due to delayed data updates)?
  • Chances of data inconsistency (for example, if financial data is transferred by USB memory drive or uploaded to/from your bookkeeper)?
  • Extra costs for keeping your financial software up to date, costs of both your money and your time?
  • Vulnerability to financial information loss or corruption?

In what ways can your business success improve with Zumah’s highly secure, private, off-site financial information and applications storage?

  • Your financial status and information is available at all times.
  • Your financial software is always up to date with no additional charges, with no work for you.
  • Your financial data are always consistent, on your computer, laptop, or smartphone.
  • With real-time information on the financial status of your company, you can make more accurate and timely business decisions.
  • Your financial information is stored securely, with data encryption.
  • Your financial information is stored so that there are secure backups.

These improvements mean

  • Faster invoices and payments, less time managing your accounts receivable
  • Ability to collaborate with business owners, key managers, accountants, and bookkeepers in real-time, where everyone is looking at the same information at the same time- ensuring that the business operates with a shared financial understanding
  • Less need to understand computer-based information technologies, software application installation and updates, and system maintenance- leaving you more time to focus on what you love about your business


Benefits of Zumah’s easy-to-use business and financial analytics services

Are you experiencing any of the following business and financial analytics frustrations?

  • Difficult-to-understand presentation of financial information?
  • Analytics that don’t match your business’s needs?
  • Difficulty interpreting your financial information?

In what ways can your business success improve with Zumah’s business and financial analytics services?

  • Your financial information is presented simply and with relevance to what you need to know.
  • The presentation of your financial information matches what you want to see.
  • Zumah’s expert consulting services give you quick and clear answers to your analytics questions.
  • Zumah’s expertise in analytics can offer deeper insights into the ways your financial situation is impacting your business.

Value proposition:

We offer cloud-based bookkeeping & accounting solutions, easy-to-understand financial information presentation, and financial management solutions tailored to your business.

The financial services features a large corporation has at its fingertips at a price a small business can afford

  • Real-time financial information based on the current status of the business’s financial situation
  • Accurate cash flow projections, supporting competitive advantage
  • Tailored views of financial analytics, matching the business’s needs
  • … all without the cost of hiring full-time bookkeeping and financial analytics employees

We would love to share how you can benefit from our services; we invite you to contact us for more information of our services.



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